We do snorkel in Calpe both in confined waters (entrance from the beach) and in open waters (entrance from the boat) for those adventurers.


Snorkel in CalpeWe perform snorkel dives in shallow waters (entering from the beach) and in open water (jumping off our boat) for those who are seeking some more adrenalin. The dive sites we enjoy mostly are right under the Peñón de Ifach, which are deeper and therefore counts on a bigger variety of marine life.

Snorkel is a great activity to share with your whole family and friends as the youngest members and the senior ones can enjoy this adventure.

Contemplate from the surface the underwater views of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the marine life and fauna that you would never have imagined seeing. Both children and adults will enjoy searching and discover new and different marine animal species. You will enjoy developing your swimming skills, practicing breathing techniques to be able to hold your breath under the water with, your instructor.

If you have or you don’t have your snorkel equipment, come to Les Basetes and practice your aquatic skills.

Feel like a fish in the water!

Activity duration: 90-120 min.
Diving duration: 50-60 min.

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Snorkel nocturno

Siente el mar mientras practicas snorkel bajo la luna.

Si quieres saber lo que esconde el mar durante la noche, apúntate a nuestras salidas de snorkel nocturno. Además irás siempre con un instructor guía para orientarte y señalarte lo más interesante durante la aventura.

Descubre toda la fauna nocturna que se esconde en el Mediterráneo. Sistemas de iluminación incluidos.

Realizamos estas excursiones todas las semanas, ¡sólo consúltanos! 😉

Lugar de salida: Centro de Buceo Les Basetes.

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