Dive sites

From our scuba diving center, we offer you different dive sites. We dive around Javea, Benitachell, Moraira, Calpe, Altea and Benidorm. Always leaving comfortably by boat from Les Basetes.

The visibility at these dive sites is generally good, normally with a 15-20-meter range.

We count on a fantastic climate with a temperature range between 18-35°C and the sea temperature is normally around 24°C in the summer and between 13 and 15°C in the winter.

Diving spots in Calpe and surroundings

El Peñón de Ifach

Surrounding the whole Peñón de Ifach we find various diving sites that witch we can choose:

Dive in Peñón de Ifach in Calpe

Los Arcos
Located at the north face of the Peñón de Ifach.

The big rocks and the rocky edges that have been falling from the Peñón de Ifach down into the sea have formed a beautiful maze of arches and tunnels surrounded with sea sponges, coral and anemones.

The maximum depth here is 14 meters.

Under the arches you can find shoals of common base, groupers, corbs, morays eels and right on the sandy bottom (the deepest part of the dive) we can sometimes even find sting rays.

El Racó
Located at the south side of the Peñón de Ifach.

The maximum depth makes this dive site an ideal spot for training or practicing initiation skills and refresh your technical skills.

The maximum depth is 10 meters.

Covered in posidonia, it contains sand patches and a diverse marine life such as gilthead breams, barracuda, nudibranchs, sole fish, moray eels, octopus…

La Higuera
This dive site is located between Los Arcos and Punta del Peñon de Ifach (on the north side). It is a dive with descent from the wall with abundant marine life. Among which we find dentex, lobsters, sting rays, conger eels, Fork bread fish, colorful nudibranches and many octopuses.

Its highest depth (a maximum depth of 26 meters) makes this dive for more advanced divers and perfect for certain trainings and courses.

Roca Plana
This dive is on the south side of the Peñón de Ifach.

It is impressive how much life there is in this site. Any day you can see shoals of barracudas, Goldins, Damsel Fish, Sting rays, breams.

It also has maximum depths that go from 6 meters to 26 which makes it a perfect dive for all levels. Depending on your level you can visit some sites or others of this dive.

Final del Paseo
Also located on the south face of the Rock.

This dive goes along a wall with lots of large rocks and in the background, it hides an arsenal of life in the sea.

Usually conger eels, groupers, dentex, gilthead, gorneos, moray eels, octopus and of course nudibranchs.
The initial descent from the wall is about 16 meters and its maximum depth is 27 meters.

La Olla
Situado en la extremidad del Peñón de Ifach se encuentra La Olla. Este sitio de buceo solamente es accesible cuando el mar esta en calma.
Es realmente interesante ver como el paso del tiempo ha erosionado en la punta del Peñón debajo de la superficia y visitar sus grietas y recovecos.
Posee una profundidad máxima de unos 12 metros y siempre se combina este punto de buceo con una de las caras (norte o sur) del Peñón.

La Catedral
Located at the tip of the Peñón de Ifach is La Olla. This dive site is only accessible when the sea is calm.

It is interesting to see how the passage of time has eroded at the tip of the Peñón below the surface and visit its cracks and recesses.

It has a maximum depth of about 12 meters and this dive point is always combined with one of the faces (north or south) of the Peñón.

Tres Piedras
Just between Roca Plana and Final del Paseo we find the Tres Piedras dive; on the south side of the Peñón de Ifach.

Like its surrounding dives, it is amazing to see the amount of marine life in this place. It is named this way because of the three small stones that protrude from the surface and surround it.

This dive is great for children and adults, as it has maximum depths of 5 meters and depths of 25 meters.

Also, very accessible for snorkeling trips.

La Roca Langosta
The Lobster Rock is located at the tip of the Peñón de Ifach, towards the south, between 30 and 37 meters deep. All the fauna of this diving area is characterized by its spectacular size, from the conger eels to the lobsters.

Due to its depth, this dive is only accessible to divers with the deep dive specialty.

Dive sites in Javea

La Catedral

Here we dive into a large pinnacle that is out of the water and that reaches depths of more than 30 meters.
In this dive we can admire the amount of life that overflows in each crack as well as in the deep blue.

Banks of spits, dentex, moray eels and congers.

Given the number of possibilities offered by this dive site, we usually do a double dive whenever we go to Jávea to leave nothing unseen 😀

Dive sites in Moraira

El Portet

This dive site in Moraira is perfect for all divers because we have an entrance area with a depth that varies between 8 and 10 meters and increases to the point where it reaches a maximum of 24 meters.

Characterized by a large meadow of Posidonia or large areas of rock, it is normally dived using the wall as visual a reference, looking for life and enjoying the landscape.

Octopuses predominate in this dive 😉

Dive sites in Benitachell

Las Cumbres del Sol

This dive site in Benitachell is known for its small caverns, which make it a very interesting dive.
Inside its caverns you can notice the flavor of the water much less salty due to its tributaries of fresh water.

Thanks to its impressive backlighting, its shallow depth (a maximum depth of 15 meters) and easy access, it is a dive that captivates all audiences.

Also, in this dive it is very likely to find groups of sting rays that rest on the sandbars very close to the caverns.

Dive sites in Altea

Pared y Cueva de Toix

This dive is located by the same wall of the Toix hill and reaches a depth of 24 meters.

It has an easily accessible cave with a penetration of 30 meters to a small beautiful vault. This is only a small part of the dive.

Then we dive along the wall looking for all the life that this site offers and visiting the stone bears that are laid on the seabed, which characterizes this dive point and differentiates it from any other … There are three stone bears, do you want to come and look for them?

Dive in Cumbres in Calpe